Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is it ';freak of nature'; hot where you live?

It's 104 degrees outside my house, and it ain't even Noon yet.Is it ';freak of nature'; hot where you live?
yeah, we're under a heat advisory for at least the rest of the week. And my lawn died:(Is it ';freak of nature'; hot where you live?
Im in the Uk and its not that hot :o(
Yes...pant, got it worse than me though it's only 92 so far here.
yes and OH SO HUMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I won't complained about the 92 here...104 would kill me!
i live in florida...

Don't say ain't your mother will faint!!

No, we had a cold front in New Hampshire last night,,,,it's going to be 80 gorgeous degrees out today with no humidity...I feel your pain however.....
101 and humid.Yuck.
Preaching to the choir ....
Not in Western Oregon. Lately, it has been overcast and in the mid to upper 70's. Even an irritated gopher would like it out here. We seldom have extreme weather, except when an occasional huricane collides with a tornado(kidding, of course).
Almost. About 88 degrees and counting!
It was yesterday, but today is a bit better. Tomorrow will only be 70. Yay! And I like hot weather, but I've had it with this.
Yup yup but luckily its going to rain soon :)
nope, it is cloudy and a bit chilly...bah !
97 here : (

not noon yet either.
Yes and it VERY HUMID
well, we are in the middle of a heat wave so it 104 should be our high today.....its too hot to even swim....the pools gunna be FUUUULL
Hot enough to fry a gopher...
It's around 55 to 60 degrees in Washington. It'll possibly rain again today! I want my summer weather back!
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  • Does God Exist? Where does God live? When is he going to listen to mother nature?

    Yes. Everywhere. and why do you think that mother nature is above Him? He created nature, it is she that bends to His hand.Does God Exist? Where does God live? When is he going to listen to mother nature?
    LOL.... What's the bumper sticker I saw? My Goddess gave birth to your God. Always listen to your mother!Does God Exist? Where does God live? When is he going to listen to mother nature?
    I take your use of ';God'; to mean divinity/spirituality in general. As a divinity, God may or may not be a concrete, human-like entity with physical characteristics.

    God might exist. Can't really disprove his existance, although we can't prove it either, but the potential presence of divinity can't be ignored.

    If divinity is real, than it could be found everywhere. It's possible that it might manifest itself into discrete, concrete forms, but it would not be barred from any part of the universe. Therefore, divinity is essentially everywhere.

    Because it's everywhere, divinity is the exact same thing as mother nature. It would be impossible for God and nature to be opposed to one another, since either one created/controls the other or they both created/control each other. It'd be like your brain and your heart: they're both parts of the same universal whole, connected with and reliant on each other.
    God is indeed everywhere and outside time and space.

    ';Mother nature'; is merely a descriptive set of rules that define certain observable cause and effect relationships, but don't create anything.

    Why would he listen to something that can't think or speak?

    Will the human race ever live in peace or is it human nature to fight and kill?

    War (or lack of peace) does not exist because humans like to fight. The root of war is justice. For most of human life, war existed to take from others what we wanted for ourselves: land, power, opportunity. Survival was dependant on war.

    In the present day, war occurs when we decide that intervention is required. When we say; we are not going to take it anymore.

    If you choose peace, then you must be willing to let others be wrong. You must be able to pick up the pieces of your life and walk away, no matter what was done to you. That is peace. If you are the kind of person who cannot let someone ';get away with'; hurting you, then you are the obstacle to peace.

    War exists because we don't want to lie down. We want to keep what is ours.Will the human race ever live in peace or is it human nature to fight and kill?
    It's in the nature of some powerful assholes that believe they will achieve something by killing a bunch of innocent people!Will the human race ever live in peace or is it human nature to fight and kill?
    its definatley human nature for all eternity
    I'm going to have to say that conflict is human nature. It has been that was since the beginning of time.
    With George Bush as president of America, The only placed the world is heading for is for destruction.

    Is it any surpise that the rest of the world hates us, with the likes of Bush %26amp; Blair representing 'Us'!!
    probaly not unless all the races combine in one race we might have a chance. but i don't want that not that its wrong but i like all cultures and i don't want them to go away even though i'm mixed w/ nicaraguan,costa rican,indian, chinese, and english.
    Sadfully I believe that there wont be peace because of most peoples lack to treat others as they would want to be treated .
    one day soon
    Instinctively we are still animals and fighting is a natural part of animal mentality. Our ideas about religion, and ability to create technology just wakes our fighting bigger and scarier.
    The day that our Lord Jesus Christ comes for us. that is the day that humans will be in peace.
    Yes they will live in Peace according to Psalms 37:9-11

    9 For evildoers themselves will be cut off,

    But those hoping in Jehovah are the ones that will possess the earth. 10 And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more;And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. 11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth,And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.
    The base human instinct is fight or flight. The second is kill or be killed.

    With our basic instincts being so violent, I doubt humans will see the year 3000
    It is in the nature of human to try to destroy themselves, though they have the ';freewill'; to choose another path, a path that has greater perils. MAN has a tendency to choose the path of lease resistance; which is this case is the ath of WAR.

    Small minded men thrive on war; since they, themselves don't have to do any real fighting.

    I would like to see the men who start wars, placed in ring, like the ';gladiators of ancient Rome, and battle it out to the end. In the days when the right was the ';victor.';

    This would save allot of innocent people from dying on both sides of the battle.
    There will be no peace as long as the parasite known as the human race infests the earth.
    If there was no Dark, Light would be meaningless. it's just the way things are - Yin-Yang

    we, Humans, as any other system in the Universe, are ruled by this principle. you would never remember names like Mandela, Guevara, Jesus Christ if they hadn't lived surrounded by 'Evil' forces.

    keep fighting for the Good!
    We will all get along... once Jesus returns!

    ~ Tiger By The Tail
    as long as we have instincts that make us fight and kill, we will never live in peace, the only way we can live in peace is when they invent a way to control our thoughts and actions, and it seems like they are gonna raise the price of gas some more also
    Unfortunately, humanity is cursed with free will and varying viewpoints. As long as we all have the capacity to think, there will always be conflict.

    Depressing, no? :(
    once every human on this earth is dead, then there will be peace.
    I think it's in our nature to try to eliminate those we perceive as weak...Darwin's theory of evolution
    As much as I wish for peace and equality, it is human nature to fight, judge, and kill. I don't think it'll ever change,sad as it is.
    yeah there would allways be fighting and killing in earth as long as you have SATAN going around causing problems
    AHHH, another dreamer. I dream of the human race living in peace. Unfortunately, people have different opinions, different opinions leads to conflict, conflict leads to hate, etc...... Well actually I think, maybe people should have thier own opinions, they are entitled to it. But I also think, people should respect others opinions and not have conflict and hate. Today I asked questions and I was angry at others opinions, but when I thought about it, its their right to have their own opinion. So, today, I learned to repect other peoples opinions, instead of attacking them verbally. Maybe, some day, we will all learn to do the same. Take care.
    No and yes.

    We are too selfish and selfcentered to be satisfied and we pretend to be more advanced that wolves but we are not - we kill more than they do and more viciously.
    I am not sure if its human nature to fight and kill, but it is human nature to seek power, control and territory.

    Fighting and killing are TOOLS used to satisfy the need for power, control, and possession of territory.

    And there is much manipulation used by our leaders to justify the use of fighting and killing. As Michael Moore so clearly showed in Fahrenheit 911, the sons and daighters of congress people and senators aren't signing up for the military. If they so believe in the use of force, why is that?
    and history says...

    fight and kill.

    it sucks, but the world is full of evil. we just have to do the best we can and live to try to make the world better in all ways possible.
    I've been asking myself this same question for a while now. I wish I could say for sure that we would live in peace one day, but I can't say that with confidence.
    Its gonna be nature, as long as theirs scottish people, iraq, and different religions

    face it
    I have a theory-people, especially men, eat way too much meat and don't have appropriate outlets for their stress. It is perpetuated by all of the violent T.V. and video games. If people ate a more balanced diet and could find ways to deal with stress that is healthy, then they would start to notice all of the beauty in the world, all of the positive reasons to live a peaceful life.
    yes. when christ finally comes and takes control of all things. but as lond as there is islam, it will be impossible.
    Think that the nature of all animals is fight, defeat others, but that it's an instinct.

    The humans are thinking more than 50 years ago, so in a couple of centuries, the human will live in peace

    You're born, you live, you die - just like everything else in nature. Why make it more complicated than that?

    It is not complicated at all ... we just like to make it that way ... I try to make life real simple .... breathe, eat, work, love my children .... and love my friends .... like you Jenn ....

    BTW ... elbow is a little sore ... but much better .. thanks for asking!You're born, you live, you die - just like everything else in nature. Why make it more complicated than that?
    You are already complicating it, by asking this very question.

    While it seems simple, you still live to fill in the details. And there's no simple way to do that.You're born, you live, you die - just like everything else in nature. Why make it more complicated than that?
    Passions and fears makes the ride bumpy my dear. Hope brings the balance we seek. It's not that easy for us. If we had the brain of a lizard things would be different.
    First of all.


    Second...You shouldn't.

    Life is to be enjoyed,

    Why waste the short time you have with it on bull ****?
    Because it's boring :/
    Because then I get bored
    because we are human
    cause some people just arent satisfied i guess...
    because its not just about living and dying is the real concern. its the experience that makes it exciting

    If you lived near this eruption, would you see nature at work?

    or the mighty shaft of teh lord?鈥?/a>If you lived near this eruption, would you see nature at work?
    I'm pretty sure this is the shaft of the lord鈥?/a>If you lived near this eruption, would you see nature at work?
    the mighty shaft of the lord would be something you'd probably catch off a cigarette lighter before you found it in a volcano.
    2009 BCE shaft of teh lord. 2009 CE nature at work.
    I imagined gods shaft to be much larger. And a little less black.
    Know what? It just got bigger!!

    Do you live as close to nature as I do?

    A Man Of Content

    Hark; the Magpie is caroling his sweet song

    As the dawning creeps over field and wood.

    Gone the moon who’s crescent floated across

    The dark velvet where Orion had once stood.


    Gently sounds the Yellow-bellied Glider.

    While slowly and with deliberation the

    Blue Tongue Lizard stalks a Huntsman Spider.

    Before the sun tips the graceful Blue Gums

    I listen to a crescendo of musical sound

    As Lorikeets welcome the dawns arrival

    And Bats from groves fly homeward bound.

    Awakens all nature on this glorious new day

    And the Echidna seeks his breakfast of ants.

    While the Platypus tumbles the rivers stones

    As she paddles her way through aquatic plants.

    Cockatoos warm their toes on overhead wires,

    Perched as musical notes of a well known score

    Waiting for the Kookaburra to laugh them all in,

    What more wanders can this new day have in store?

    Lucky I am to spy in the dawn a Chubby Gungan,

    A brown frog in this place I happily call my home

    Where creature's of every kind come to my hand.

    I am content as no other man; never again to roam.

    Do you live as close to nature as I do?
    Nice, And I wish I was in such a content environment, your words, well spoken, offer hope and fulfilment, to anyone that has any understanding of life and nature. please don't stop submitting. you are great and inspiring, at least to me. Do you live as close to nature as I do?
    I try to, but I don't have any of the species mentioned in the poem running around my house.

    Be content where you are--what a pleasant concept.

    What's a Chubby Gungan?
    Lovely view of your surroundings.
    I'm sorry, I lost interest after the first stanza. It's just not my type of poem... sorry. Just don't like it xD
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  • Is Mother nature's name is Helen. Are you be happy to live on Helen earth?

    I'm very happy thanx Helen nature.Is Mother nature's name is Helen. Are you be happy to live on Helen earth?
    You lucky thing you! ;) Report Abuse
    Is Mother nature's name is Helen. Are you be happy to live on Helen earth?
    Mythology is kind of cool sometimes but don't take it seriously. Helen is the name of Timmy's mom on South Park. How do you feel living on a Tard'
    Im Happey

    thanks hellen earth

    can you fix the global warming problem so we dont have to :P
    For your convenience I have took the privelege of cutting off the cuffs on all your favourite jumpers while you were out for your annual dog walk.
    Im just happy to live..
    her boyfriend`s name is terry firma, yeah i know....corny.
    Mother natures credit Manager is Helen Waite..if your needing credit..go to Helen Waite
    three water molecules went to the north pole, santa said ho ho ho
    unemployment rate